A new era is coming: The Business Messaging Era


The Business Messaging Era is an essential concept for businesses looking to maintain competitiveness, especially in the long term, as it’s rapidly being embraced by millions of consumers across dozens of markets globally. Understanding consumer purchases via WhatsApp is a key aspect of the Business Messaging Era and the platform, alongside others, can be used significantly improve results. Regardless of size, branch, or industry, those who embrace the Business Messaging Era are set to gain a major competitive advantage.

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What is the Age of Business Messaging?

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The Business Messaging Era is a consolidation of a phenomenon occurring in recent years: companies seek to improve their relationship with their customers and business partners through an exchange of messages.

In general, exchanging messages is not a new aspect of companies’ routines or amongst the Brazilian population. WhatsApp, for example, is installed on more than 99% of Brazilian smartphones and 95% of users use it every (or almost every) day.

This exchange of messages has also long been a part of the business world as a whole, to which it brings a large number of benefits to companies, such as more efficient communication that frees up manpower, reduces costs, and provides convenience to customers who never need to leave the platforms they already use.

What innovations does this era bring?

Communication via messaging applications can itself be considered an innovation. This new era has given rise to technologies that transform a company’s routine, as well as its way of communicating with its customers. Alongside the rise in messaging as a key platform to interact with consumers has been the now ubiquitous use of CRM platforms, which enable brands to get to know their customers and potential customers better. Pairing the two allows for the collection of data and analysis by which companies can establish a closer relationship and communicate, in a customized way, with their consumers.

How important is this type of communication?

The closer and more customized the communication is with customers, the better the experience they will have with a particular brand and, consequently, the lower the barriers are to close purchases or deals. Another important fact is that 74% of Brazilian consumers seek close, personalized communication with companies. In this scenario, as the most used application by Brazilians, WhatsApp will be one of the most effective means of doing so. And though Brazilians are perhaps the world’s leading WhatsApp power users, the app is among the most popular in many dozens of markets globally.

In the Business Messaging Era, by using specialized technology, any company will be able to communicate efficiently and collect more data from its audience. This information is increasingly crucial for managers in making the best decisions and improving services or products in a truly agile manner.

How can business messaging improve the customer experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is an aspect that can no longer be ignored by companies. According to Zendesk, 75% of customers are willing to spend more with companies that value the customer experience, and 80% of them would switch to a competitor after a negative experience.

For Brazilians, being well attended to is an exceptionally important factor for them in returning to a particular company. For this reason, investing in a business messaging solution to improve customer experience isn’t just a “nice to have,” it’s a must.

Data also shows that improving relationships with consumers, and maintaining frequent, reliable, and consistent communication, are the most relevant characteristics for Brazilian customers to consider a brand authentic, according to the FleishmanHillard 2021 Report. And authenticity breeds brand affinity that results in less budget being spent to bring in leads, larger cart sizes, and better bottom lines that can be reinvested to improve various aspects that improve operations.

What omnichannel experiences can business messaging provide?

An efficient strategy that can contribute to your customer relationship is omnichannel service, which consists of the convergence of communication channels that are made available by the company, whether online or offline. Basically, the information obtained through a communication channel is stored in a single system, preventing the customer from having to repeat information every time they contact the company.

Imagine that a customer contacts the company to resolve a question. In this first point of contact, he sends his personal information, products he has purchased, his experience, etc. When requesting support again from the company in the future, he will not need to provide the data again, as archived records in the company’s system can be accessed instantaneously. TAs businesses scale and customer bases expand, the sheer volume of customers, phone numbers, WhatsApp conversations, emails, and other data points can make managing a brand’s audience more difficult. Using a CRM platform allows for unified management of business contacts and preferences in a single place. By combining good technology and good management, customers can be easily informed about what is available to purchase, go through the actual process of purchase, and see their purchase history via WhatsApp allowing it to be a primary contact point with consumers at every aspect of the sales process. 

How can business message help with marketing?

Using technology to communicate with your customers allows for the collection of valuable data points that can be conveniently stored in a CRM. More data about the behavior of your consumers, their market trends, their purchase journey, their preferences and consumption habits, leads to a better experience for customers and better results for businesses as well.

Tools like tuvis make it possible to synchronize chat histories and more accurately track the performance of each member of your sales or customer service team. That customer information is vital to make the best decisions for your marketing strategy.

For more information about how tuvis can boost your sales with personalized business-consumer communication, book a demo here.

The Business Messaging Era may still be in its early stages in terms of adoption, but that fact also represents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses across industries. Those that implement technology to facilitate conversations over messaging platforms will be able to collect data and act upon it for a more personalized, authentic, budget-friendly, and efficent experience. It’s up to businesses ultimately to invest in adapting to the Business Messaging Era, those that embrace it will have both happier customers and better business results as well.

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How should companies deal with data leaks?

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