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Tuvis – Connecting WhatsApp & Salesforce

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Apr 14, 2020

Turning WhatsApp into a 1:1 Customer Relationship Channel

Improve customer experience by connecting WhatsApp and Salesforce. Streamline communication across channels and monitor meaningful customer interactions.


✓ 1-Click to send WhatsApp message from Salesforce
✓ Start new WhatsApp chats with people that are not contacts on your phone
✓ Add new people to mobile contacts list
✓ Create new leads/contacts in SF
✓ Dynamic Message Templates

✓ Copy chats into SF as activities, tasks, or cases
✓ Auto Chat Syncing
✓ Upload files as attachments
✓ View open/closed opportunities

✓ 20 seconds installation
✓ Integrates effortlessly between WhatsApp & Salesforce
✓ Supports Salesforce’s Standard and Lightning versions
✓ Supports WhatsApp Classic and Business (web app)


Tuvis connects between WhatsApp & Salesforce and turns WhatsApp into a 1:1 Customer Relationship Channel.

The Tuvis Chrome Extension enables Sales, Customer Service, and Support teams to communicate with customers on the most popular communication channel in the world – WhatsApp.

Agents can review contacts’ data, instantly create new leads, and record chats with people as activities or cases in Salesforce, directly from the WhatsApp web app.

After click “Get It Now” and installing the managed package, you will be asked to install our Chrome Extension to start using Tuvis.



“I start using the integration between salesforce and whatapp some months ago. My productivity has increase a lot and I feel much easier to work now with salesforce. I work in South America and here is very common to use WhatsApp more than email a lot of times. I recommend this tool a lot for everyone.”


Teresa Miñambres


“Tuvis saves me a ton of time in my daily work, everything I do is just one click away from the WhatsApp chat. Also, The option to copy the chat from WhatsApp into Salesforce in 1 click is amazing”


Luis Eduardo Arenas
Sales Manager


“Great tool to seamlessly integrate the WhatsApp conversations onto the Opportunities and Contacts.”


Diego Taliateli
Certified Salesforce Developer


“The tool has helped the team a lot. Only a few improvements need to be made, such as showing only the status that are configured in the record type of the object.”


Ornela Agostino
MIB Trieste


“Engage with our leads with WhatsApp is very important, Tuvis is the perfect tool to do that. I highly recommend this integration. Is easy, intuitive, and friendly to use. The Tuvis team is super responsive and active for any doubts and questions. We are extending little by little the use of this tool in our whole org. Thank you!”


Catalina Moncada


“it’s a great tool for sales teams to log their activities directly from WhatsApp to Salesforce. there are a lot of improvements that would be great to have that would make it the best software for sales reps”


Nicolas Bucchi
Special Projects Manager


“Tuvis es una herramienta realmente fácil de implementar y super intuitiva a nivel usuario. Esta solución nos permitió mejorar significativamente en tres aspectos fundamentales de nuestro día a día:

1) Acompañar el uso de whatsapp como herramienta comercial permitiendo el seguimiento y análisis de las interacciones de nuestros agentes.

2) Mejorar tiempos de respuesta de forma inmediata, traduciéndose en mejores índices de satisfacción, gracias a la visibilidad otorgada en el punto anterior.

3) Vencer el paradigma del “Hacer y Registrar lo que se hizo”


¡Realmente recomendable!”


Daniel Barna
Sales Director, Southern Cone, LATAM


“Changed the way and speed how I keep Salesforce updated with my daily WhatsApp communication”


Bernardo Birman
Petrópolis Invest AAI


“When WhatsApp and Salesforce are the greatest and most used platforms in their areas, a solution like Tuvis is exactly what every sales team need. Couldn’t be more satisfied and surprised with its simplicity and performance. Only takes one click to copy a conversation in WhatsApp to salesforce, and that is only one of the features. Highly recommend.”

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