The importance of integrating into customer communication channels

Email, websites, phones, apps, or WhatsApp. We talk a lot about having multiple channels for customer relationships and communications, but have we talked about the importance of integrating these channels? Moreover, the need to integrate CRM with them?

The success of the customer experience, whether a company or private individual, depends on being present throughout their journey. In this scenario, whoever does not have access to histories, profiles, or purchase patterns, not only fails to draw up business strategies but fails to retain the customers who chose them.

When we talk about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) we need to go further. For a company, be it a multinational or an SME, a well-structured CRM system must allow the control of sales, proposals, and prospects to develop tasks, check executions, control time, improve team communication, and provide the tools to identify, understand, and follow the full customer history with the company and employees.

And for all these gears to mesh, you need to make sure that the communication channels between your company, your team, and your customers are working correctly and are integrated.

Imagine this situation: a customer makes an order by email, then gets in touch by phone, and finalizes everything by WhatsApp. How can you have this history quickly on hand to provide more personalized service when they return for another purchase?

The good news is that the advancement of technology allows you to perform this integration, while also giving the customer the feeling that the company knows them and knows their preferences. A survey done by Tuvis, which evaluated the impact of using WhatsApp Business on communication and sales, showed that personalized service can generate repeat sales among almost 93% of customers. And 90% of those customers are inclined to buy more from companies that prioritize this type of service.

By combining the power of CRM (such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 360) with platforms that offer agility and productivity for sales teams, you can align business operations with consumer needs. Tuvis, as a pioneering platform that integrates CRM with WhatsApp, makes more personalized and precise customer service possible.

If 73% of consumers now claim that good customer service drives their purchasing decisions, wouldn’t integrating your communication channels and CRM be much more effective at growing your business? Think about it!

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