How WhatsApp can empower and enable business sales

With two billion accounts in 180 countries, WhatsApp has become a culture of communication, just like email in past decades. Brazil boasts 118 million WhatsApp users (second only to India) and the application is undoubtedly the preferred communication method of smartphone users, with 96% of Brazilians in agreement!


With the practicality and speed of communication that WhatsApp offers,  it has become an effective vehicle of interaction between brands and the public, with novel and planned e-commerce features leading the way forward. WhatsApp Business, founded in 2018, has become a powerful tool for digital commerce around the world, especially in Brazil, which is likely a bellwether of rapidly growing use cases globally. (Learn the differences between WhatsApp Classic and WhatsApp Business here.)


The relatively new trend of “buying online” in Brazil is fast becoming a business-influencing habit and many Brazilians are using WhatsApp as their medium of choice to make purchases and conduct sales. In the last two years, the modality has been bolstered by the pandemic, becoming even more relevant for brands and companies. While the average Brazilian e-commerce spending in 2021 was modest, with an average of only US$349, compared to the world average of US$ 1,000 per year, the e-commerce market in Brazil reported more than US$ 29 million in revenue in 2021. That revenue represents a  27% increase compared to total commerce sales in Brazil during 2020. Today, 59% of WhatsApp users aged between 16 and 64 make weekly purchases online.


Brazil has more cell phones than Brazilians! With a population of 214.7 million, the country has 224.9 million cell phones!*

*Digital 2022 (page footer)

WhatsApp, in addition to being a powerful marketing tool for companies, has developed and implemented specific features that allow brands to quickly serve their customers, advertise their products, and talk directly to their audiences. From sending a promotional message and making a payment, to making bank transfers for purchases as large as a car, WhatsApp offers effective business tools, all from the public’s favorite messaging app! With so many facilities that bring businesses closer to their customers, and with the surge in WhatsApp’s popularity, businesses can no longer serve their customers effectively without utilizing the platform to do so.


In addition to the basic features already known to the general public, it is possible to integrate WhatsApp from commercial teams with CRM platforms and solutions that allow businesses to manage all their ongoing sales, leads, and contacts. Tools like Tuvis offer all of the aforementioned benefits while including a full view of business-customer correspondence, and provide relevant metric-derived insights.


For more information about how Tuvis can boost your sales with WhatsApp, book a demo here.

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