WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: What’s the Difference?

It is indisputable that today, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. With more than 2 billion users in 180 countries, the platform transmits about 100 billion messages every day.


With WhatsApp’s steady global growth and influence, brands wanted to use the application to reach their customers and understand them better. Hence, in 2018 WhatsApp Business was founded, and developed specifically for enterprises with sales-savvy features that its “sister app” lacks. At their full potential, these functions can significantly impact customers and increase sales.


To help you turn WhatsApp opportunities into additional sales, Tuvis  made a comparative guide between the two versions of WhatsApp and the commercial tools available (or not) in each one:



WhatsApp Business allows users to create a profile for their brand that can provide important information to their customers, such as:


. Catalog of products and services

. Useful contact information

. Company description

. Opening hours

. Contact email

. Website address


Messaging automation and fast customer service

Keeping customers waiting for a reply can have a detrimental effect on sales and customer loyalty. WhatsApp Business attempts to solve the issue with a feature that enables businesses to create and schedule greeting and away messages. With this feature, businesses can even customize and save the most frequently asked questions by customers and set up automated replies, streamlining the troubleshooting process and saving valuable time for customer success teams as well.



Gathering data on communications with consumers is one of the more valuable features available in WhatsApp Business. With access to the activity status of content that businesses send to their customers,  how many messages have been sent to customers and the number that have been read or not, WhatsApp Business can be an insightful gauge of how customers want to communicate with specific businesses. 

To learn more about how instant messaging applications can help your business thrive, read our blog on How to boost your sales with Whatsapp

Tools for organizing your calls

In WhatsApp Business, users can organize calls with tags, allowing them to quickly find contacts and conversations, whenever with a few taps of the finger.


Is WhatsApp Business paid?

Both the ‘personal use’ version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are free.

For more information about how Tuvis can help your customer experience team boost sales with WhatsApp, book a demo here.


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