How Wabi Gained 60% Uplift In Customer Satisfaction During the Pandemic By Linking Salesforce With WhatsApp

Tuvis (formerly Whatslly)- Wabi customer case study

About Wabi

You don’t generally associate small local grocery businesses with cutting-edge online services, but Wabi is working to change that. This rapidly-growing eCommerce company headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina offers a portal that provides local FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) businesses like grocery stores, kiosks, and warehouses in underserved areas the ability to sell to their customers online.

Customers can order all of their favorite products from the local stores they know and have everything delivered directly to their door with no shipping fees. Wabi also includes:

  • WabiPay, an eWallet application that lets consumers pay digitally
  • Wabi2C, a SaaS component that lets merchants track their performance in Wabi, and
  • Wabi2B, an application that lets FMCG businesses sell directly to traditional trade stores.

Wabi’s Challenge

Delivering this widespread service means staying in close contact with thousands of different businesses across the region. Wabi representatives tried communicating with their customers using email, phone, and chat, but quickly discovered that most Latin American’s prefer to use WhatsApp for their messaging needs.

This presented a problem for Wabi because WhatsApp doesn’t integrate with Salesforce, the company’s CRM at that moment. This meant they had no way to transfer critical customer information and conversations between applications, risking important decisions without complete information.

And particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, with travel and personal contact restricted, Wabi needed to lean on messaging to replace face-to-face meetings.


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Tuvis (formerly Whatslly)- Wabi customer case study- Nicolás Ezequiel Bucchi
Tuvis (formerly Whatslly) connects WhatsApp & Salesforce - quote

Store performance shot through the roof after we started using Tuvis. We saw 60% gains in customer satisfaction after rolling out the software. After the first month, we were astounded by how much time Tuvis was saving for the teams.

Nicolás Ezequiel Bucchi

Special Projects Manager at Wabi

Tuvis Provided the Solution

Wabi discovered Tuvis and realized it was exactly what they were looking for. Running through their agents WhatsApp accounts, Tuvis enabled real-time access to known contact details and chat conversations inside of Salesforce.

They were able to instantly identify the customer and pull up previous conversations, sales and service information, and other relevant data to personalize engagements and provide a more seamless experience for their member stores.

The enhanced visibility that Tuvis provided between WhatsApp and Salesforce enabled all customer interactions to be recorded for future use. Wabi finally had the link they needed to source data into structured dashboards inside of Salesforce that could measure their agents’ effectiveness and monitor how their interactions impacted each store’s performance.

Wabi Couldn’t Have Asked For Better Outcomes

In a few short days, onboarding was carried out by Virtual Company Services, a Tuvis partner, and a leading Salesforce consulting agency in LATAM and the first partner of Salesforce in Argentina. After rolling out Tuvis to their agents, the total average time to first agent response over 1-on-1 WhatsApp chats dropped by nearly 75%.

Because agents were able to easily transfer store inquiries from WhatsApp into Salesforce, Wabi’s CRM became an eminently useful knowledge base, providing instant access to customer information while communicating with the store. The company’s response times sped up dramatically.

Tuvis link became an invaluable tool for other departments as well. Local agents could access conversations between Wabi’s remote agents and the stores they were about to visit to improve the quality of their customer service. Tuvis found widespread adoption among Wabi’s Internal Customer Experience team, giving them simple, direct access to essential customer information side-by-side with their live conversations.

But the real rewards were found with Wabi’s member stores. Store satisfaction surveys showed a tremendous improvement in their reactions to Wabi’s support process. They felt Wabi was responsive to their needs and knew who they were as customers. This ease of conversation led to dramatic gains in-store performance through the Wabi app.

Wabi couldn’t have been more thrilled with the response from their customers and their internal support teams. “Store performance shot through the roof after we started using Tuvis, “ said Nicolás Ezequiel Bucchi, Wabi’s special projects manager. “We saw 60% gains in customer satisfaction after rolling out the software. After the first month, we were astounded by how much time Tuvis was saving for the teams.”

Tuvis (formerly Whatslly) connects WhatsApp & Salesforce - shape

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