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tuvis Podcast S2:E13

Compliance and Culture in Focus (feat. Holy Mund and ESG) In the last episode of the second season of the tuvis Podcast, we delved deep into the world of compliance, governance, and risk practices with the special participation of Holy Mund and ESG. Join Renata Bertele, Compliance Advisor and Executive, and Yoon Jung Kim, Board […]

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tuvis Podcast S2:E12

Revolutionizing Routines: How Alexa Impacts Our Daily Life (feat. Alexa) How Alexa, Amazon’s voice-powered personal assistant technology, has revolutionized the way we live our daily lives? In this latest episode of the tuvis Podcast, we had the participation of Laura Ancona, Head of Content at AlexaBrasil, where we explored the incredible changes that Alexa has

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tuvis Podcast S2:E11

Between bits and bytes, technology and security in focus (feat. Zup) What are the challenges of cybersecurity in the digital age? How does technology shape the protection of our data? Discover the answers with Pedro Lyra, Director of Information Security at Zup, here in this fresh episode of the tuvis Podcast. Protect yourself, stay informed,

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tuvis Podcast S2:E10

How Technology Revolutionized the Worl os Delivery (feat. Ifood) Immerse yourself in the technological revolution of the delivery market with Anna Vidal, Head of Growth and Expansion at iFood. Discover how technology has transformed the way we order and receive products, making delivery even more convenient and efficient. Press play and check out this amazing

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tuvis Podcast S2:E09

Technology + Finance = Smart Investments (feat. EQI) Discover how technology is revolutionizing the world of investments. Our guest today, Juliano Custódio, CEO of EQI Investimentos, shares valuable strategies to manage your finances and investments safely and intelligently. In this essential conversation, we explore the growing importance of technology in this context.

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tuvis Podcast S2:E08

Flying towards the future: the impact of digital transformation on the Aviation Sector (feat. Azul) Discover how technology is revolutionizing the aviation industry! In Episode 8 of the tuvis podcast, our special guest Daniel Sonego, Senior IT Manager at Azul Linhas Aéreas, shares the results of the digital transformation’s impact on this sector. Explore how

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tuvis Podcast S2:E07

Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Spotlight on Digitalization and Humanization (feat. Neoenergia) Prepare yourself for an electrifying episode of the tuvis Podcast as we delve into the revolutionary electric power sector. Join us to shed light on the fascinating topics of digitization and humanization, with our guest, Renato Suplicy, Corporate Manager of Neoenergia. In this conversation, we

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tuvis Podcast S1:E06

Woman in tech, humanization and changes in consumer behaviour (Feat. Salesforce) Join us on the tuvis Podcast as we dive into the dynamic world of consumer behavior and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in the technology industry. In this episode, we have the honor of welcoming Thais Padilha, VP Solution Engineer at Salesforce, as

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