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Costão do Santinho boosts customer communication with Tuvis

“Unforgettable!” – This is how Costão do Santinho’s guests describe their experience at the luxurious beach-front resort.
Located in the city of Florianópolis, Costão do Santinho is considered one of the best resorts in Brazil and is a world-leader in tourism and hospitality, delivering the highest level of service to its thousands of annual guests on a daily basis. From first contact, to check-out, including the stay-period, all customers receive first-rate communication with staff over WhatsApp.

The Challenge

With a strong desire to better understand their customers and deliver effective communication on the social networks that the majority of their guests use reglarly, Costão do Santinho expanded its consumer-communicatiosn to WhatsApp. However, this new customer service approach resulted in novel challenges, from identifying and contacting real leads, to presenting the resort, and it’s impressive services to consumers on the social platform, tomanaging a productive agenda and analyzing the true potential of each market. By turning to Tuvis, Costão do Santinho is able to do all of this with ease and more.

The solution

By integrating Salesforce with WhatsApp through Tuvis, Costão do Santinho’s sales team is able to make their consumer conmmunciations more effective and agile, extracting strategic data to improve the confidence of their sales. Consequentially, Costão do Santinho has updated their yearly strategy with a targeted approach that contacts leads at the just right time, compares results and proactively responds to them, enabling the sales team to understand more about the market across regions and its competitors.
The ability to devise and run increasingly personalized commercial strategies that engage customers and consumers enables Costão do Santinho to increase the excellence of service, expanding it beyond the physical hotel complex with a remote WhatsApp offering that increased customer satisfaction.

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