CRM: the tool that can transform your business


It is an indisputable fact that the customer is the soul of every business.


Whether B2B, B2C, retail, wholesale, e-commerce, an SME, or even a multinational, without customers there would be no companies. Consumer behaviors, preferences, and interests are vital for brands to understand in order to effectively develop products and services that meet these demands. During the last two years, global changes have directly impacted consumer habits even further, underscoring the importance of implementing new practices to match their routines.


Today, it is no longer enough to just offer “good service.” It is essential to go further by getting to know consumers in-depth and understanding every step of their purchase journey. 


How can businesses engage with this new omnichannel audience, which transits through different communication channels? How can they understand their demands for new forms of relationships with brands? How can businesses elevate their brand experience?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is a consumer-centric tool for businesses, which enables them to plan actions, and strategies, and implement new technologies that are decisions directed by an in-depth understanding of customers. CRMs allow companies not just to gather data, but also to deploy it effectively in order to learn and understand more about their customers. Businesses can utilize these insights to communicate in a personalized and direct way with their clientele, winning both market share and hearts.


To help you to understand more about CRM and all the potential it has to transform your business, we summarized some exciting essential CRM topics for you: 


Manage everything in one place

In a CRM, businesses can manage their entire operation, store customer and lead information, view ongoing negotiations, map opportunities, and much more all in one place! All data, from first contact with a customer to checkout and after-sales, are also stored, providing businesses with a detailed view into their customer’s purchase journey. With this kind of perceptive tool, businesses can operate an effective automated operational flow, enabling the day-to-day business operations to gain agility, giving professionals time to focus on what really matters: consumers and sales!


More efficient sales

One of the most important roles of CRM is data analysis. For instance, the information collected about customer journeys on your website can help you understand your business’s consumer- profile. This data can help businesses get to know their customers better, enabling them to design strategies and conduct more efficient sales, turning leads into real customers.


Customize the CRM and improve the quality of your service

Service is the basis of customer relationships and directly impacts the final result. By using a CRM, businesses have more agility to serve and manage customer wants and needs, enabling them to identify and solve any problems in the processes. Hence, a CRM tool is crucial for businesses to be able to offer customers the best experience, from beginning to end!


CRM can be integrated with instant messaging applications used by salespeople

According to research, more than 80% of Brazilians use WhatsApp to communicate with brands. The ease of this kind of communication and purchasing with brands is a trend that has swept across the country and is likely to also grow in other areas. In order to conduct commerce this way, a business’s CRM must be integrated with WhatsApp. This connection enables the CRM tool to provide all relevant customer information, such as the history of interactions within a single platform, allowing sales teams to provide a more agile and personalized service.


Tuvis specializes in this type of integration, bringing companies greater freedom in communication with customers, strengthening customer loyalty, and bringing sales teams more agility day-to-day, enabling them to sustainably boost sales. Click here and learn more about our solution.


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