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Customers both in Brazil and other countries around the world are increasingly demanding access to the brands they consume. Not only regarding the quality of products and services but also positioning and ways of communicating. In this regard, the best strategy for you to attract and retain clients is to invest in Customer Experience trends, a concept that is becoming exponentially more relevant in the modern corporate world.

All interactions (especially the first one) between a brand and its audience are exceptionally prevalent and can be decisive for customers’ incompleting purchases, returning to the company, and recommending it to others. As this matter is strategic for your company, we wrote you a piece that explores the necessity of quality Customer Experience. Follow up!

What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience is a management model in which the customer is the center of the organization’s strategy. In this way, all aspects of the business must be directed toward the best consumer experience.

In practice, the points of contact between your audience and your brand must satisfy the customer, establishing greater proximity and, with that, showing the consumer how important they are. This applies in both online and offline environments. In this context, CX must be considered in all customer-brand relationships, whether personal interactions at the company’s establishment, on social networks, online chats, the phone, etc.

It is important to know that just having a quality service is not enough to meet this need. Aspects of the company’s solutions, products or services can also impact this aspect. From the look and design of the brand’s official communication channels to the product itself, everything needs to be thought out in order to meet customer expectations in the best possible way and allow for a great CX.

Personalization is more important than ever for consumers when communicating with retailers. Instant messaging apps are the perfect platforms to develop customer loyalty. To find out more about how personalized connections with consumers can aid businesses, read our blog entitled: Personalized marketing means winning big.

What are the main CX trends?

Consumer Experience trends change as the consumer evolves, so the technologies used to serve the public also need to evolve. This movement means that companies are constantly renewing themselves to meet the current demands of their consumers.

Here are some examples of CX news and trends that can be applied to your business, regardless of your industry or size:

  • Omnichannel: this is a strategy used by retailers that converges all their communication channels and offers the customer a uniform brand experience. In it, there is no difference between service via social networks or a physical store: all, regardless of the medium, have the same standard and the same quality of service.
  • Technology: technological tools, such as CRM platforms, can help to further improve your service, bringing your brand closer to your target in an assertive way.

Personalization: customizing the service and making it ideal for each of your customers will bring much more credibility to your brand. When a consumer talks to a real service channel, with another human being at the end, they establish a personal connection rather than a quick and superficial consumption relationship.

  • After-sales: continue to contact your customers after the sale of products or services to strengthen the relationship.

How can small and medium entrepreneurs apply these trends?

Contrary to what many managers believe, Customer Experience trends are not just for large businesses. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) must also value the experience of their customers in order to retain them and guarantee their space in the market. See some examples of real cases of CX strategies below.

What is the behavior of consumers in this context?

Data shows that a good experience is one of the qualities most valued by modern consumers. Deloitte published a report that demonstrates the benefits of investing in CX and shows that consumers who have a positive experience spend 140% more.

As we said before, in general, customers are becoming demanding and any negative experience can damage the image of the business. The same Deloitte report shows that when a consumer has a great experience with the company, they recommend the brand to, on average, 9 other people. On the other hand, a bad experience causes them to share this negative experience with 16 other people. Therefore, the customer must always be at the center of your strategic planning.

Why is gaining consumer loyalty a surmounting challenge?

Due to the importance of the subject, companies have escalated their investment in Customer Experience, a point that has been the basis for all other strategies of their businesses. If you don’t keep up with the market’s evolution, your brand may distance itself and no longer have a strong dialogue with your target audience, and even lose market share if you neglect your customer’s experience with your brand.

With several trends in Customer Experience, studying your audience and potential customers is the first step to understanding how and with whom to communicate. After this mapping, designing individual and customized strategies becomes the best strategy.

There are several trends in Customer Experience that you can apply to attract and retain your customers. However, it is essential that you have technological tools that help you improve this by making service more efficient, and allows for other advantages that tech tools provide.

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