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Tuvis integrates instant messengers with CRMs and turns WhatsApp & Messages into a 1-1 Direct Customer Relationship Channel.

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Tuvis identifies your contacts in the CRM and displays their info and history. You can create a new lead from the Tuvis panel directly to the CRM with the click of a button.

All you need is one click away

Schedule meetings, send emails, create tasks, activities and cases... All directly from the Tuvis panel in the CRM.

Let automation
do the hard work

Tuvis auto-syncs chats to CRM. And you can use dynamic message templates which are automatically populated with the contact's details. No more copy and paste!

From chat to sell with the tools you love

Connect your favorite applications and move up the ladder from conversation to conversion

intelligence where
you need it

A comprehensive overview of your
team’s interactions and metrics, in a fully customizable dashboard, that keeps your sales pipeline at your fingertips.

Increase CRM
usage in a white
label interface

Tuvis enables clients to fully customize their
interface to create a branded environment.
Our tools enhance the CRM usage, providing
an intuitive and user friendly experience.

Boost your business with Tuvis’ many capabilities

Display customer

Automatically identifies customer or lead in CRM and displays all their information and history in WhatsApp.

Create new leads/contacts

Create a new lead or contact from Tuvis panel directly to CRM.

Auto-sync all
the chat

To have better visibility of all customer interactions you can syncronize all the conversations with clients or leads from WhatsApp to CRM.

Dynamic messages templates

Create dynamic messages templates which are automatically populated with the person's known details.

1-Click actions

All in one click you will be able to schedule a meeting, send an email, chat through Messenger or navigate to the location without leaving WhatsApp.


View the interactions performed with leads or customers, such as the number of messages exchanged.

Create tasks, activities
and cases

Select the relevant messages on WhatsApp and create tasks, activities, or cases into CRM.

Time saving

Start new WhatsApp conversations without having to add contacts.


Tuvis capabilities under your brand. Easily use your branding in the app.


You can easily group your conversations on WhatsApp using filters like Unread, Needs Reply, Awaiting Reply, Individuals, Groups and Official.


Schedule meetings with contacts through Tuvis panel.

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