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Knowing how to communicate engagingly with customers is one of the most important strategies to get ahead of competitors! If you’ve read other content here on our blog, you know that we talk a lot about one-to-one communication or individual communication. Whether in a digital or physical environment, competitiveness increases every day and companies must embrace innovation to stand out from the pack.

Consumers are becoming increasingly more demanding and informed, meaning that it is essential that brands understand the importance of knowing their customer base: exactly who they are talking to and when they like to communicate. Establishing an individual and strategic marketing plan that speaks to customers in a personalized and humanized way is crucial in connecting meaningfully and earning customer loyalty, along with additional sales.

What strategies should be implemented and how can businesses leverage them to boost sales? Here are a few quick tips from communications experts at tuvis on personalized marketing which can be put into practice right now:

Know your product and your audience

It might seem super obvious but there is no better first step than this. Defining your product in-depth and the audience that it is intended for enables the crafting and deployment of special and personalized effective communication strategies. This can include: identifying key language, developing a strong visual identity, planning promotions, and making informed decisions regarding the channels that are suitable for your brand to be present on. Today, without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most efficient communication channel for businesses! Read our post about it: (Link “How to sell more with WhatsApp”)

Segment your target audience

There is no longer room for the kind of mass marketing that once worked with numerous different audiences equally. Your brand is different from all others and so is your customer base! With the world going through constant transformations and new consumer profiles emerging as a result, thinking and using the same content for completely different types of customers is ineffective.

An excellent strategy to enable effective market segmentation is to classify customers in clusters: gathering them in groups defined by relevant affinities and characteristics. This approach is not about filtering customers in a ‘simple way’ with superficial categories (such as the commonly used “age group”, or by “gender”), but it is knowing about customers wide array of preferences: their hobbies, reading habits, and behaviors. By analyzing customers beyond common characteristics, businesses will be able to understand them much better, giving greater insight into how their product is used by purchasers and the impactfulness of the buying experience. For instance, from this method businesses can glean information such as what customers value in a brand, what their difficulties are, their habits, and desires. With this ‘X-ray’ vision of consumers, businesses can focus their work on strategic business decisions and optimize their entire business chain, from service to logistics!

Use data for your strategic decisions

Data-Driven Marketing is based on the analysis of information and indicates trends, behaviors, habits, and customer profiles. This data is generated by all the devices we use throughout our day. From the supermarket checkout to cell phones, interactions can be rich sources of information enabling brands to know their audience.

Attracting new customers, winning loyalty, securing retention, and achieving conversion directly depends on how much and how well businesses know their customers. CRM tools provide businesses with relevant insights and information, allowing them to strategically direct their company’s communication and sell more.

Personalized communication also encourages upselling: when a customer buys something in addition to what they were looking for. With a greater understanding of consumer characteristics, businesses can use an upselling technique which directly correlates with their consumer’s needs, thus increasing the average ticket per customer value.

By communicating individually with customers, businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors, enabling them to grow, increase sales, be more assertive, and win customer loyalty.

Messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, are the perfect platforms for businesses to increase revenue by personalizing communication with consumers, tuvis specializes in integrating CRM with social messaging platforms. For more information about how tuvis can help you to provide the most personalized experience for your customers, book a demo here.

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