We offer annual packages based on the number of representatives you have


Starting Package

Tuvis Chrome extension

AppExchange package

Auto Chat Syncing

Dynamic Message Templates

User Management

Unlimited messages




Everything in Premium, plus:

Team management

Early access to new features

Dedicated account manager

Tuvispace Desktop App

Files Auto-Sync (Add-On)

Access Control (Add-On)

Enhanced Analytics (Add-On)

Multi-Channel (Add-On)

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Frequently asked
questions, answered.

We offer annual subscriptions based on the number of seats. A seat is the unique combination of phone number and Salesforce username, meaning, when having multiple people that use the same Salesforce user, each person needs a seat.

Once you upgraded your account, there is no extra fee for the number of messages you send.

Regarding the daily limitations, please review the Tuvis’s terms of use. You are basically limited to a few thousands of messages per day.

Usually, it takes up to 1 hour. In some cases, it might take more time for your user to be updated in the system.

Feel free to contact us if it takes longer.

Tuvis does not refund any payments made.

However, we will consider refunding the purchase in the following cases only if your Salesforce edition is not supporting the use of Tuvis or does not include access to the API.

In case you have violated the WhatsApp policy, you will not be refunded.

We reserve the right not to refund even in the above cases.

Yes, please contact us for more information.

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