A compliant approach for enterprise instant messaging

Adhere record-keeping regulations and privacy laws by automatically monitoring and archiving every WhatsApp or iMessage interaction. Seamlessly integrate with your current system of records and DLP solution.

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$ 0 B
in SEC fines were imposed for record-keeping violations for personal messaging apps.
Source: SEC
0 %
of all SEC penalties issued in 2022 were related to record keeping failures.
Source: SEC
Only 0 %

of companies in the financial sector are actively monitoring the use of messaging apps for work.

Source: SEC

Why tuvis

Meet regulatory and legal requirements

Ensure compliance with the record-keeping requirements of regulated and litigious industries, including HIPPA, FDA, SEC, FINRA, CFTC, MiFID II, GDPR, LGPD, privacy, and other relevant regulations.


Facilitate better alignment between your commercial and customer-facing teams and mitigate compliance risks by equipping them with a lightweight solution that suits their agility and customer-centric approach.

Own, manage and
control the data

Centralize data, uncover risks, monitor employee behaviors, and resolve issues with ease, using a unified platform like your SIEM or proprietary database.

Prevent data loss
and frauds

Applying SSO and DLP policies, enables you to control data shared by representatives, set real-time alerts, and restrict or permit access to specific teams.

Reduces risk across


Ensure HIPAA/HITECH compliance through secure storage and analysis of electronic communications. Our solution helps healthcare institutions maintain accurate patient records.


tuvis helps financial institutions prepare for the opportunities and risks that come with new remote communication.


tuvis offers a comprehensive system for managing data and records that not only captures and stores data but also ensures its protection.


The insurance sector deals with confidential information, risk assessment, and a variety of regulations. Therefore, with tuvis, you ensure compliance and security that are vital to protect clients' interests, the integrity of the industry, and the smooth operation of insurance companies.


Educational institutions deal with sensitive information of students and staff, and with tuvis, they can comply with regulations and implement security measures to protect data.

Information Technology (IT)

With the increasing volume of personal and business information stored digitally, IT companies must ensure the protection of this information. tuvis can assist in complying with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Among others

The complete solution for
regulation and compliance

All WhatsApp communications, including media files and voice messages, are captured.

Perform advanced search and retrieval across all data in seconds, in your existing system of records.

Automatic archiving operates in the background without any user intervention.

Plug-and-play user onboarding, no coding or customization is required.

Our platform partners

Secure and unified

Rely on tuvis to keep your interactions compliant, secure, and efficient.

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