Achieve efficient risk reduction for enterprise business communications

Enhance risk management and threat detection by proactively identifying key risks and preventing potential incidents from becoming major issues. Safeguard against compliance violations, social engineering attack and insider threats within WhatsApp.

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Compliant Messages: Tuvis

Protect Your Business from Compliance Violations

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have become a go-to solution for communication between colleagues, clients, and vendors. However, with the convenience of WhatsApp comes the risk of compliance violations, cybersecurity threats and insider threats.

DLP & Fraud Detection

tuvis helps your organization detect any potential security threats preventing any security breaches and data loss. By alerting on context and intent within risky communications, security teams can quickly identify and prevent attacks that exploit human trust. 

Secure &
Monitored Messaging

To improve the security of WhatsApp communications in businesses, tuvis can employ several strategies including restricting WhatsApp access based on teams and roles, implementing secure login methods such as SSO, and using approved or virtual numbers to prevent unauthorized access.

Why tuvis

Fast Detection & Alerts

Identify threats in WhatsApp at an early stage before they become major incidents.

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce regulatory risks within your business communications ecosystem, while simultaneously minimizing oversight costs.


Monitor all the information that comes from inside and outside your organization over the messaging app.

Set up Controls

Set controls that monitor and limit what’s being shared on WhatsApp.


Rely on tuvis to keep your interactions compliant, secure, and efficient.

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