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The Sem Parar Empresas team optimizes customer service and drives sales with Tuvis

Izabel Silva, Commercial Manager of Sem Parar Empresas; Rosangela Fleury, Sales Supervisor at Sem Parar Empresas; and Aline Marques Rodrigues Vieira, Business Consultant at Sem Parar Empresas


increase in sales on WhatsApp

Efficient communication is essential to meeting the needs of customers, especially when it comes to small and micro businesses. And in the Tuvis platform the team at Sem Parar Empresas has discovered the ideal solution to simplify and digitize customer service, while also boosting sales.

The Challenge

For the Sem Parar Empresas team, which deals with different benefits for SMEs, such as food, meals, and transportation vouchers, WhatsApp was a key communications channel to reach its consumers. However, an integrated tool was needed that would allow interactions to be tracked and recorded in an organized way. This made it difficult to manage the customer relationship and resulted in the loss of important information and sales. 

The solution

By rolling out the Tuvis platform, the Sem Parar Empresas team found the answer to their communications challenges. With an intuitive and efficient tool, consultants began saving time on administrative tasks and focusing on more strategic activities, such as sales. Through Tuvis, they were able to create tasks and appointments with all the necessary information, ensuring a complete record of customer interactions. 


Furthermore, Tuvis made it possible to share conversation histories among team members, allowing other consultants access to relevant information, even when team members were absent, such as on vacation. This created greater collaboration and agility in the service. 


The results of the Tuvis implementation were remarkable for the team at Sem Parar Empresas.

With Tuvis, I can close a lot more sales in my day or week, in a more practical, agile and faster way.

Aline Marques Rodrigues Vieira
Business Consultant

After the implementation of Tuvis, about 35% of the customers who interact with us via WhatsApp were converted into sales.

Izabel Silva
Commercial Manager at Sem Parar Empresas

In addition, the tool personalized the experience for customers, making them feel valued with a dedicated service and the availability of consultants.

All of a sudden, I have a consultant who has an amazing pitch and we use it and share it with other colleagues. That can make a lot of difference!

Rosangela Fleury
Sales Supervisor at Sem Parar Empresas

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