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With Tuvis, SumUp's team serves consultants from the four corners of Brazil with much more agility, simplifying processes

Romário Frazão, Account Manager & Juliana Simioni, Partner Success Supervisor - Sumup


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From the North to the South of Brazil. Wherever you go or wherever you are, there is sure to be a SumUp machine. The German fintech, leader in mobile payments (Mobile Point-of-Sales – mPOS) in Europe, is present in more than 30 countries and is revolutionizing the Brazilian market. With more than 18,000 partners nationwide, the company aims to help small businesses grow. The company offers, in an innovative way, fast, intuitive, and affordable solutions for debit and/or credit card payments to merchants.

The challenge

Simplification is one of SumUp’s purposes. In partnership with Tuvis, the company is also facilitating the daily routine of its sales teams. By integrating the WhatsApp of its sales representatives with Salesforce, SumUp now has a much more effective communication between all its commercial network and its customers, besides much more agility to the team’s daily routine.

We need direct communication with our customers and achieve this via WhatsApp. And this is where Tuvis comes in to help us, to support us

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Romário Frazão
Account Manager - SumUp

For him, the application has become an indispensable tool in daily contact with SumUp partners. It is through WhatsApp that SumUp reaches every corner where its representatives are, all over Brazil.

The solution

By implementing the Tuvis platform, SumUp brought much more agility to its teams’ day-to-day activities. With an intuitive tool, the company’s team of consultants now saves time for much more important tasks, such as their sales.

I used to be an accelerator and have had to manually register WhatsApp tasks. So we no longer have to do all this manually because we have this tool. You just click on a little synchronization button and everything is automatically registered in Salesforce

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Juliana Simioni
Partner Success Supervisor - SumUp

After the implementation of Tuvis at SumUp, the results were evident:

When we started working with the platform, we noticed a growth in the sales of our consultants. As a result of more attention that the accelerators were giving them, we managed to beat all the goals within the quarter. Today, without a doubt, we are able to focus on the objective of our area, which is sales strategy, and make our consultant successful

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Juliana Simioni
Partner Success Supervisor - SumUp

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