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How The Power Business School manages its teams with Tuvis

Manuel Maldonado, Operations Manager & Manuel Calvar, B2C Sales Manager


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The Power Business School was born with the great mission of democratizing education and allowing anyone who wants to access an education with great potential and high-quality business to do so.

The challenge

The company established Salesforce at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, when they realized that their number of students was beginning to grow exponentially, and so was their team.

The solution

With a very large commercial team, from the moment that they implemented Tuvis, there were about 50 people. All of them were working remotely and were on their own, as each one had different habits, they had not received a prior training in how to make a contact through WhatsApp.

With all this growth that The Power Business School was experiencing, their need to measure started to increase. The company was looking for a tool that would give them visibility on what each commercial was doing to standardize all the communication with the lead, which is essential to be able to convert a prospect to a student. They also had to be able to adapt the journey that a lead follows until they end up becoming a student, which is something that depends a lot on the region in which they are located.

In Latin America, for example, it would be very rare that the first contact with a lead would be through a phone call. nstead the activity they carry out through WhatsApp is incredibly higher. At that time, Tuvis helped them mainly to be able to understand very, very well what they were doing, why was it working, as well as why it wasn’t.

The Power Business School has two types of sales, organic sales and sales managed by a commercial, when there has been previous contact with the lead. There was a lot of fuss about this because there were sales, which had been managed through WhatsApp, but they had no way of seeing it in Salesforce.

Because before there was no way to synchronize both worlds.

We were looking for a tool that would give us visibility on what each commercial was doing to standardize all the communication with the lead, which is essential to be able to convert a prospect to a student

Manuel Calvar
B2C Sales Manager

For the client, what they have managed to change is that they internally can manage what they have to manage, but that is never perceived by a potential student, the experience for them is the calmest and most facilitating in regarding possible decision making.

It has changed a lot, each commercial had a very large portfolio of leads, each had to make their own pipeline in WhatsApp, they had to make their own pipeline in Salesforce, and there were many times that thry lost that control, and losing control means losing money.

The best thing to work at The Power Business School, is to transform a paradigm, this goes very hand with innovation, and of course it is always a pleasure to have suppliers who also struggle to go hand in hand.

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