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XP Investimentos implements Tuvis and turns WhatsApp into a decisive tool for its business


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For over 18 years, XP Investimentos has transformed the national investment market, helping Brazilians to invest better. With a portfolio of R$925 billion in assets under custody recorded in the 3rd Quarter of 2022, the company has become one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil. The country, in fact, is second in the world ranking of WhatsApp users, an app that has become key for communication between brands and consumers, including, of course, XP and its customers.

The challenge

So, if to talk to Brazilians you need to use WhatsApp, XP decided to turn conversations on the app into a decisive tool for its business. Focused on the digital transformation and operational innovation, that this new context has brought, the company has adopted Tuvis as the daily use platform for its more than 20,000 consultants.

Although Brazil is one of the countries with the largest number of WhatsApp users in the world, companies in the financial sector are still looking for ways to communicate effectively and clearly.

The solution

Besides the convenience of having tools such as automatic data synchronization with the CRM platform, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other functionalities just a few clicks away, XP also has more visibility of all its processes.

With Tuvis, we are able to offer an integrated vision for the advisor also through WhatsApp, which is the most used communication channel in the country, thus generating more operational efficiency

Gabriel Boselli
Head of Digital Products at XP

Much of the interaction with the client ended up being lost with the contacts made directly through the application, and this often ended up only on the consultant’s cell phone. With Tuvis, the sales teams have more control of all the contact made, which brings more agility, ease, and visibility over the channel. The integration with CRM is done without coding efforts and the implementation takes only a few seconds.

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