The impact of WhatsApp Business on business

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Did you know that WhatsApp, as well as being a personal communication tool, can be a powerful ally for your business? The app has become an indispensable tool for day-to-day communication, also for companies. Considering that, in 2018 Facebook launched WhatsApp Business, a version of the app with specific functionalities to meet the needs of organizations.

New Ways of Connecting with the Public


Fifteen years ago, the idea of having a direct line to every customer and the integration of information technology into marketing strategies seemed a long way off. However, today it’s clear to see how quickly things have changed. Social networks have opened up a new relationship channel between companies and customers, allowing for closer and more personalized contact. WhatsApp in particular stands out because of its practicality, agility and synchronized communication. Due to the app’s huge popularity, Facebook decided to invest in a business version, WhatsApp Business, with the aim of optimizing customer service, structuring brand relationships and boosting sales. Businesses of all sizes have adopted WhatsApp as a channel for customer service, support and even ordering.

According to Meta’s vice-president for Latin America, Maren Lau, in an interview with Revista Ejecutiva, “Brazil and Mexico are currently our two most important countries in terms of WhatsApp usage. In Brazil, we have seen significant use of WhatsApp in the automotive industry and financial services.”

With this business strategy in mind, Facebook launched WhatsApp Business, to bring the customer closer to the company with fast and effective communication for all sectors. And having identified WhatsApp as an essential channel for customer relations, tuvis created the tuvis platform focused on productivity, security and compliance, which enables large companies to use WhatsApp Business efficiently, securely and in compliance.

 Learn more about some of tuvis’ functionalities:


With tuvis solutions, companies ensure more personalized WhatsApp interactions, integrated with CRM, maximizing team productivity, and making the use of messaging apps such as WhatsApp strategic, secure, compliant with regulations and effective.

Workflow: Daily and CRM tasks, such as scheduling meetings, making calls, logging activities and sending emails, are performed efficiently, simplifying the routine, all from the WhatsApp screen.

Interaction with customers: The solution enables CRM data to be integrated directly into WhatsApp, providing instant access to the full history of any contact, lead or account the moment a conversation begins.

Complete visibility: All customer communications or leads are automatically synchronized with the CRM, providing complete visibility of all interactions and control over all information.

Real-time reports: Access real-time reports on key team metrics and results to make confident decisions and manage resources intelligently.

Security on WhatsApp: tuvis’ security solution protects against any risk of leaking sensitive company data and detects any signs of a cyber-attack, ensuring compliance in every interaction with customers.

Compliance: All interactions on messaging apps such as WhatsApp are captured and archived in the company’s own data storage system. This ensures compliance and privacy standards are met through effective and secure monitoring.

Get closer to your clients with WhatsApp Business


Corporate WhatsApp offers unique opportunities to build close and effective relationships with customers, combining the practicality of instant communication with the formality required in a business environment.

The messaging app is an opportunity for companies to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. By strategically implementing the functionalities offered by tuvis, you can maximize your relationship with your audience and stimulate the growth of your business.

With our solution, you can maximize your team’s productivity in a secure and compliant way. Book your free demo.

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