Tuvis for Microsoft Dynamics

Tuvis for Microsoft Dynamics

Tuvis is made to work together with Microsoft Dynamics 365, producing a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business, meaning you connect with every customer.

Engage customers strategically with a personalized approach

Tuvis identifies your contacts in the CRM and displays their info and history. You can create a new lead from the Tuvis panel directly to Dynamics 365 with the click of a button.

Whatsapp for Salesforce

All you need is one click away

With one click you can communicate with customers and leads, send emails, schedule meetings, create tasks, activities and cases… All directly from the Tuvis panel in Dynamics 365.

Evolve your brand with a white label interface

Tuvis helps clients to build their brands with our fully customizable interface which can create a branded environment. Our tools enhance the Dynamics 365 usage by pairing it with an intuitive, user friendly experience.

From chat to sell with the tools you love

Connect your favorite applications and move up the ladder from conversation to conversion

Boost your business with Tuvis’ many capabilities

Display customer

Automatically identifies customer or lead in Dynamics and displays all their information and history in WhatsApp.

Create new leads/contacts

Create a new lead or contact from Tuvis panel directly to Dynamics.

1-Click actions

All in one click you will be able to schedule a meeting, send an email, chat through Messenger or navigate to the location without leaving WhatsApp.

Create tasks, activities
and cases

Select the relevant messages on WhatsApp and create tasks, activities, or cases into Dynamics.

Time saving

Start new WhatsApp conversations without having to add contacts.


Tuvis capabilities under your brand. Easily use your branding in the app.


You can easily group your conversations on WhatsApp using filters like Unread, Needs Reply, Awaiting Reply, Individuals, Groups and Official.


Schedule meetings with contacts through Tuvis panel.

Not sure if Tuvis
is what you need?

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