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This month we released updates and a super integration that will help salespeople be empowered and have the tools they need when chatting with customers through WhatsApp. So they can focus on what it’s really important: closing more deals! Read on to learn about everything that launched this month.


A new fresh integration: Microsoft Outlook Calendar


As you may know, Tuvis already has integrations with some productive tools used by salespeople in their daily work routines, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and DocuSign. But we have been full steam ahead working to bring more integrations. 

Tuvis just released a new integration with Microsoft Outlook, to make the sales cycle seamless from start to finish. The Tuvis integration with Outlook Calendar allows users to schedule meetings and have a bigger picture of their overall calendar without leaving WhatsApp.


Right out of the box Tuvis users get:

  • Automatic syncing with their Outlook Calendar
  • Schedule a meeting and add additional attendees and the video conference link (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet)
  • View their overall calendar by day


The Selective Sync new feature


The Auto Sync feature you all love from Tuvis is based on synchronizing automatically all the conversations exchanged with leads and customers through WhatsApp when turned On. But salespeople when chatting with a customer or lead through WhatsApp will not only talk about business all the time, but sometimes they can talk about their personal lives or other matters. And why not select only the important messages exchanged with the contact?


Now, this is possible with our newest feature, Selective Sync. With this feature, users can choose only the specific messages they want to synchronize from the WhatsApp chat to Salesforce. Allowing them to choose and highlight what is important from the chat.


The Blur Messages new feature


Have you ever felt like someone was watching your conversation while you were in a public place or event at work?

Now it’s possible to have more privacy and security in your conversations on WhatsApp. With Blur Mode On all your conversations exchanged with customers will be blurred, so you can only see it when passing the mouse over the messages. Now you don’t have to worry about using your computer and chatting with a customer through WhatsApp Web in a place with people around.


If you want to know more about Tuvis or latest features and integrations contact [email protected]


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