What is Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and how important is this number


The CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score is a key metric for the sales industry. After all, the indicators in this area are fundamental to understand what is working in the strategy, to discover what needs to be improved, and also to offer training and qualification to optimize interactions with your audience.

Below you will find out what CSAT is, and how important it is for your company’s sales strategy. After all, the Customer Satisfaction Score is one of the key metrics for those who want to know more about the degree of customer satisfaction with sales. See also how to monitor this indicator. Happy reading!

Learn what CSAT is and how it improves customer satisfaction strategies

Marketing and Sales are two areas in companies that usually walk very close to each other, sometimes even getting confused where one ends and the other begins. However, while the Marketing department usually has highly measurable metrics, sales metrics are usually linked only to the most concrete and final result of the whole process (number of sales made and resulting value).

With digital transformation and other factors like the Covid-19 pandemic, a new consumer profile has emerged. In addition, the digital strategies themselves have enabled the possibility of measuring the results of the entire sales process.

CSAT is focused on measuring customer success in relation to the shopping experience they have gone through. In other words, the goal is to know whether the product really met expectations and whether the consumer feels he got a good deal.

For this, a question is asked with a scaled response: From 0 to 10, how would you rate your level of satisfaction with our product? There can be variations of this question such as satisfaction with service, value, or delivery time. It is also possible to formulate the question on the perception scale. In this case, instead of a number, the answer varies between very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, not very satisfied, unsatisfied.

Although it looks like another metric, the NPS, or Net Promoter Score, the CSAT is a way to understand the customer’s relationship with the purchase, while the NPS focuses on finding out how the consumer feels about the brand.

Check out the benefits of the Customer Satisfaction Score

There are many advantages to applying CSAT in your company, among them:

  • monitor customer satisfaction with the purchase;
  • use a metric that is easy to apply and monitor;
  • optimize the Customer Experience;
  • identify which points need to be looked at more closely;
  • implement a continuous improvement process in the sales process.

Find out how to measure CSAT and increase sales

The first step in calculating the Customer Satisfaction Score is to gather the information in one place, which can be anything from a spreadsheet to a powerful tool such as a CRM. Next, you need to identify the satisfied customers (for numeric scale, from 0 to 4 is considered unsatisfied, 5 neutral and from 6 to 10 satisfied).

Now it’s time to get to the CSAT metric, which is the percentage of these satisfied customers. That is, if for every 100 surveys applied, 80 customers show satisfaction with their purchase, then the CSAT will be 80%, or simply 80.

As you have seen in this article, CSAT monitoring helps you understand whether your sales strategies are really effective and whether the customer really enjoys the purchasing process. With the Customer Satisfaction Score, you can improve interactions with the audience, in addition to knowing how the customer feels, also optimizing the tactics for customer retention and loyalty.

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How should companies deal with data leaks?

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