Whats is Customer Experience (CX) and why it is so important for you and your business?


Does the customer really want to know about your products? In the middle of the information age people may be looking for different relationships with brands, and this is precisely why customer experience is gaining more and more visibility. In this way, the sales sector has developed new perspectives to ensure the success and also the sustainability of the business.

In this article, we will show you what CX (Customer Experience) is and how this strategy serves to improve the relationship with your audience. Discover the difference between selling a product and selling an experience, and see our tips for implementing customer experience in your business. Happy reading!


What is customer experience and what is it for?

The customer’s entire journey, from when they don’t even know they have a problem until after the sale, is related to customer experience. Every interaction the persona has with your brand impacts how they view your company, either positively or negatively.

Thus, we can say that CX consists in thinking of actions that add value in interactions with the audience. For example, imagine that a person has never thought about subscribing to a streaming video and series service, but the platform already knows how to impact them and this process happens and how best to approach the prospect.


After all, is it better to sell an experience or to sell a product?

In the middle of the Internet era, users no longer need a lot of research to find out important information about products or services they want to purchase. What was a very valuable currency just a few decades ago – the salespersons mastering information about what they sell – has become a basic duty these days.

Thus, information about your product mix must be clear and objective in all your communication channels. In addition, think about actions that facilitate the customer journey, valuable materials, personalized marketing, and sales follow-ups.


What are the advantages of a customer experience-centric strategy?

There are many benefits to relying on customer experience to improve the relationship with your audience. The main reasons to use this strategy are:

  • take advantage of the market trend by opening up a competitive advantage over the competition;
  • have more credibility in the market, being able to position itself strategically and receiving support from the clients themselves;
  • increase customer loyalty, ensuring success and satisfaction after the sale;
  • get spontaneous testimonials and referrals;
  • Add value to the brand, showing how much your company cares about the audience.

Why is CX (customer experience) a market trend?

With technological development, it is possible to improve and enhance service and listen to the audience, practically in real time. Moreover, with social networks, any and all brands can disseminate their content and influence consumers, something that, before, was available only to large companies.

These recent transformations have made it easier to create a personalized relationship with the audience. The changes have facilitated the implementation of customer experience and increased the possibilities of interaction.

How do technologies help deliver a better customer experience?

Today, technology is present even in physical environments and enables richer, customized, direct, and surprising interactions with your audience. Without a doubt, it is a way to scale your actions, automate processes, and guarantee a close and personalized relationship with the audience.

With omnichannel strategies, integrating the company’s different channels, it is possible to offer linear and coherent communication. In addition, it is also possible to count on features such as actions based on data provided by the consumer itself, such as age, location, profile, preferences, and interests (always respecting, of course, the Brazilian General Data Protection Law – LGPD rules).


How to implement customer experience in your company?

We have put together the key steps to improve customer experience. This does not mean you need to apply all tips at the same time to ensure the success of your strategy. Understand that the concept is to improve the relationship with the audience and start little by little.

Know all the stages of sales

The first step in working with customer experience is to find out how your sales cycle works. In this way, you can work to shorten the journey, surprise your audience, and ensure the success of your campaign.

Know who your audience is

Next, it is critical to understand who you are speaking to, which channels your brand is present in, and how you are communicating on each one, as well as specific information about the customer. The data on the target audience turns into tips for putting together a coherent and positive strategy.

Offer a corporate culture

Your brand needs to have personality and speak the same language. Reinforce the company’s principles and values with employees and motivate them to wear the company’s shirt. Usually this process is gradual, but has a positive impact, reinforcing the brand positioning in a natural way, with the internal audience’s own action.

Strengthen the relationship with prospects and customers

Define strategies to keep in touch with your audience. One of the actions that may seem simple, but helps a lot, is the delivery of relevant and useful content not only in the context of your brand, but for the daily life of your consumer or potential consumer.

Have an excellent service

Train your team, have scripts and scripts for calls, create strategies to increase the motivation and engagement of your sales and service team. Use varied channels and focus on customer success.

Monitor the feedbacks

To ensure public satisfaction, remember to conduct frequent surveys to evaluate the quality of service. Besides simple multiple choice questions, provide open fields for additional information. Track audience feedback and drive continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Count on a CRM to optimize all these processes

A very important tool for CX is Customer Relationship Management software, popularly known as CRM. With this tool you integrate the company’s communication, obtain relevant information for your sales team, optimize contacts with the audience, and still gather insights to surprise your customer.

As you have seen in this article, customer experience focuses planning on the customer and not just on the products. In this way, it is possible to offer a richer and more delightful customer experience. As you can also see, it is really necessary to know who your audience is, how they act, and what they expect from your brand. With tools like a CRM it is possible to have more concrete returns, developing CX actions according to your customers’ feedback and ensuring sales success.

Did you like this text? So, check out our article on CRM and find out how this tool can transform your business!

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Shift Left: Understanding this new approach

97% believe that digital transformation is a priority for their business

Strategic Priority: Banks plan to invest R$ 47,4 billion in cybersecurity in 2024.

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