WhatsApp for Black Friday: how to take advantage of the app’s full potential to sell a lot at the end of the year


Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year, in numerous countries. The traditional North American date always takes place in November, right after Thanksgiving, opening the shopping season for Christmas. In Brazil, it is no different. On this occasion, retailers release special promotions and discounts to attract the public’s attention and guarantee a considerable increase in sales at the end of the year.

In Brazil, in particular, Black Friday usually lasts for days and consumers eagerly await this event to do their end-of-year shopping and spend less. In the virtual environment, it is no different: every year, more online stores participate in the event, generating revenue and increasing profits.

In this post, we will talk about the greatness that Black Friday has achieved and how you can take advantage of the opportunity to leverage your sales using WhatsApp. Read on!


How much do e-commerce sales grow at the end of the year?

In the 1950s, where it supposedly originated, in the United States, Black Friday did not have the significance it has today. The date was marked by huge traffic jams and crowds in the streets, and the police had to have workdays throughout the weekend.

In the 1980s, after it was finally established in the country, US retailers began to create actions applying consumer psychology to change the concept of Black Friday, using the date to their advantage.

Here in Brazil, Black Friday was introduced in 2010 and its result was surprising. On the occasion, there was a turnover of almost R$3 million for the retailers who participated in the event, drawing attention to this sales potential in the following year. In 2011, with more shopkeepers and consumers participating in the event, the date brought in sales of more than R$100 million.

Historically, the Christmas season has always presented an increase in sales volume, but Black Friday came to extend this period and bring better results in the last two months of the year. In 2019 alone, the date generated an additional $142.5 billion for online commerce, about $20 billion more than in 2018. In 2021, in Brazil, Black Friday moved R$5.4 billion, and the expectation for 2022 is that this figure will reach R$6.05 billion.


How to plan a Black Friday sales strategy?

Many people believe that to be successful on Black Friday it is enough to offer discounts and benefits. The truth is that it takes advance planning and internal improvements before the event.

Check out some tips below to apply to your business that will help you sell a lot more.

1. Prepare your stock

Analyze your stock well, because this will help you distribute the discounts in the right way. One tip is to organize the products into groups in order of the profit they bring:

  • GROUP A: Best-selling products, where about 70% of sales come from them. This group should contain approximately 20% of your stock;
  • GROUP B: Products with average performance, i.e. 25% of sales come from this group. It should contain approximately 30% of your stock;
  • GROUP C: In this group are products responsible for the remaining sales. It usually corresponds to the largest part of the stock.

2. Choose a suitable discount strategy

The main goal of Black Friday is to attract customers and generate sales through aggressive discounts. To do this, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition by creating promotions that are impossible to ignore.

There are many ways to create attractive promotions, whether it’s through member-exclusive discount coupon codes, giveaways at the end of the purchase, second-piece discounts, or even free shipping.

3. Create urgency in your campaign

We know that one of the most powerful mental triggers for generating sales is urgency. Time-limited campaigns create the consumer’s “fear” of missing the opportunity and generate the impulse to buy.

4. Follow and interact with your customers

Accompanying the customer through the entire buying process makes all the difference. Invest in a service that can meet all the demand that Black Friday has in order to build customer loyalty.



How to use WhatsApp in your strategy?

 WhatsApp is the instant messaging application most used by Brazilians. Because of this, it represents an excellent opportunity to make sales.

To get the best the app can bring to your business, check out the tips below!

1. Use WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has a version created especially for businesses called WhatsApp Business, where you can set it up with all your business information and even create a product catalog to share with your contacts.

2 .Organize your contacts

Group your contacts based on their level of relationship with your company, for example. This organization will make your work easier, avoiding delays in attendance.

3. Create a message schedule

Each customer group has its own particularities, and getting the tone of voice right for each of these groups increases the chances of closing sales. A schedule assists in organizing messaging and the phase of the sales funnel that is currently being attended to.

4. Offer content

Don’t limit your contact with your customers by only sending products and offers. Generate valuable content and share it with your audience. Tips on how to use your products, in video or text format, are very basic contents, but they can be very effective. 

5. Use WhatsApp to Sell More

The desktop version of WhatsApp brings the ease of managing the application from your own computer, speeding up the service and making it easier to send and receive files.

As we have seen throughout this article, Black Friday is a great event for business in general. It is one of the most awaited moments by consumers, because it unites great offers and a strategic season in the market. Taking advantage of the moment to increase the sales of your business can bring excellent future results.

Use the tips in this article to further professionalize your company and offer the best to your customers. Follow Tuvis on social networks to receive more content like this.


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