Overcoming security risks and compliance when using WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has innovated business communication and become a strategic tool for global success of all business. With a presence in 180 countries, it is the most used messaging platform in several international markets, ensuring greater visibility and engagement for your business.

With WhatsApp, business can expand their global reach, strengthen relationships and connections with customers from different countries and cultures, increase sales and drive business growth in an increasingly globalized market.

Modern communication and the challenges of WhatsApp

Despite the popularity of the app as a business tool, its use has created information security and compliance challenges for corporate risk teams.

In an increasingly connected world, digital communication has become the path to success. Business need tools that enable to share information quickly, collaborate in real time and build relationships with customers and prospects.

In this context, WhatsApp has emerged as an attractive option for many business. With a large user base and many communication features, WhatsApp offers a familiar and convenient solution for internal and external communication.

However, there are significant challenges to using WhatsApp for business purposes. Data security and compliance concerns, particularly around the protection of confidential information, need to be addressed before implementing the tool to avoid the risk of unauthorized use within the organization.

WhatsApp security and risks associated with unauthorized use of the app

Lack of Visibility: When employees use WhatsApp without authorization, security and compliance teams lose visibility into internal and external communications and are more exposed to risk. This can lead to failures in protecting sensitive data and detecting unauthorized activity.

• Loss of Control: Unauthorized use of WhatsApp blocks control over the sharing of confidential business data. This can lead to data leaks, violations of laws and regulations, and reputational damage.

• Difficulties in Investigation: In the case of security incidents, the investigation becomes more complex when WhatsApp is used without authorization. This can delay the identification of those responsible and the implementation of corrective measures.

As a communication tool, WhatsApp offers benefits for companies in a variety of industries. However, using the app without proper oversight also carries the risk of violating compliance laws, especially in sectors such as healthcare, government, finance, energy, and others.

Managing risk on WhatsApp

Extending security to your instant messaging channels, such as WhatsApp, provides countless business benefits and encourages responsible use of applications that might otherwise do more harm than good.

To ensure enterprise-wide security for messaging applications, you need a solution that provides complete visibility, contextual analytics, and natural language understanding. These capabilities enable organizations to understand risk based on intent and context, not only in WhatsApp, but also in other communication channels such as iMessage.

With tuvis technology at your fingertips, there is no reason not to maintain full control over your corporate data. To learn more about how our solutions can help your business, click here and schedule a free demo.

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How should companies deal with data leaks?

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