In a dynamic business scenario such as Brazil’s telecommunications market, process efficiency and digitalization are crucial to the success of companies. Vivo, recognizing the strategic importance of this area as a leading telecommunications company in Brazil, sought an innovative solution to transform its communications, offering customers an agile and personalized service.

BTG optimizes its communication and achieves exceptional results with the tuvis solution

Volkswagen Argentina Innovated by Creating a 100% Online Sales Process Using WhatsApp and Salesforce

The Sem Parar Empresas team optimizes customer service and drives sales with tuvis

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Everyday life has changed dramatically in recent years, with the number of remote workers tripling.

Today, companies face significant challenges related to instant digital communication. This e-book explores the changes, regulations, and solutions to ensure integrity and security in modern business.

Are you wondering how you can use WhatsApp to maximize sales while still adhering to legal requirements?

For over 18 years, XP Investimentos has transformed the national investment market, helping Brazilians to invest better. With a portfolio of R$925 billion in assets under custody recorded in the 3rd Quarter of 2022, the company has become one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil. The country, in fact, is second in the world ranking of WhatsApp users, an…

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Discover the power of WhatsApp! With over 2 billion active users and responsible for over 100 billion daily messages, it’s the ultimate platform for businesses.

In this report, you’ll learn how WhatsApp Business messages boast a 99% open rate and nearly 50% response rate, far surpassing traditional email communication. Discover the importance of connectivity and personalized relationships with customers that WhatsApp offers and learn how businesses can use data collected responsibly from customer communications to better understand customer preferences and improve customer service, ultimately increasing sales and revenue.

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