WhatsApp in the corporate environment: How to optimize sales team productivity with WhatsApp


In the dynamic world of business, operational efficiency is the key to success. A recent survey* revealed surprising data about the challenges faced by sales teams, highlighting the need for innovative solutions. Among these challenges, the manual inputting of prospect data during the sales process in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps emerged as a difficulty, as mentioned by 28% of the salespeople interviewed.

Time is a valuable resource, and according to the survey, 64% of salespeople’s time is taken up by non-sales activities. Of these activities, 24% are dedicated to administrative tasks. This reveals a landscape where sales teams, instead of staying focused on prospecting and closing deals, often find themselves overloaded with operational bureaucracy.

On average, salespeople spend an hour a day filling in information manually or performing other operational tasks, which is a significant waste of time, including focusing efforts on strategic and revenue-generating activities.

In this scenario, the question raised by most companies is: how can sales team productivity be optimized? The answer may be closer than we thought, and in the palm of our hand: on WhatsApp.

A lot of companies  are starting to use WhatsApp’s potential as an efficient and instant communication tool. Integrating WhatsApp into the corporate environment can be an effective strategy for reducing time spent on administrative tasks and improving collaboration among sales team members.

By using WhatsApp securely and efficiently, teams can simplify  the exchange of information and sales status updates, and even share important documents quickly and securely. Automating processes via WhatsApp can help reduce manual workload, freeing up salespeople to focus on more strategic interactions.

Integrating WhatsApp with CRM is a solution that boosts productivity for teams facing the challenge of manually filling in data. Direct and instant communication between WhatsApp and the CRM system allows information to be updated in real-time, eliminating the need for manual inputs and ensuring more accurate and up-to-date data.

Tuvis, knowing that WhatsApp has become one of the most relevant applications in the world, with two billion active users, and an important work tool, created the Productivity tool that integrates WhatsApp with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRMs in one place, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with the optimization of time spent on routine activity records and customer service tasks, and an at least 35% increase in your sales.

WhatsApp, when incorporated strategically, can be a powerful tool for transforming the way sales teams operate. It is time to rethink how companies communicate and collaborate, turning challenges into opportunities and driving productivity in an increasingly competitive business world. To learn more about how tuvis can help your company in this process, click on this link and schedule a free demo.

*Sources/Research: State of Sales, Meta, Statista

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How does WhatsApp fit into your business strategy?

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Impact of the National Cyber Security Policy on the Protection of Personal Data

How does WhatsApp fit into your business strategy?

Why is WhatsApp the best choice for businesses?

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