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With Tuvis, Naska Digital records a 35% increase in sales team productivity

Juliana Rosales, Director of Marketing and Advertising at Naska Digital


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Impacting the lives of people and organizations through digital technology is the mission of Colombian company Naska Digital. Operating across sectors such as architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and creative industries, Naska Digital believes that the integration between human beings, technology, and the market forms the perfect environment for innovation and the creation and development of its customized solutions.

The Challenge

Naska Digital uses WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world, to communicate with its customers and as a tool for the daily relationship between its sales teams and customers. According to data from WhatsApp itself, in Colombia, 92% of the population uses the app as a form of communication, and the app had more customer growth than any other in 2020. In a survey by the multinational in the same year, 74% of Colombians declared that they used the application to make purchases, indicating the relevance of WhatsApp to the national market.

The solution

To manage its entire customer base more efficiently, Naska Digital integrated WhatsApp into its CRM through the Tuvis platform. Naska Digital needed to secure their clients’ information to optimize the time executives spend managing customer conversations and have knowledge of all those relationships. Without having to leave the WhatsApp Web screen and with just one click, Naska Digital’s sales teams have access to their customers’ information, enabling them to perform daily tasks far more efficiently. In addition, Tuvis also provides Naska Digital managers with visibility into their sales teams’ interactions with customers through the messaging service, giving them the overview they need to perfect their customer service.

“Tuvis is presented with a large challenge when working with Naska Digital,” says Juliana Rosales, Director of Marketing and Advertising at Naska Digital. “Tuvis is helping us improve the security of customer information and optimize the time of executive partners. Our CRM is the heart of our operation and Tuvis’s help in improving the flow of conversations with our customers has been essential to amplifying our business successes.” The platform’s automation of the day-to-day processes of sales teams has had a direct impact on Naska Digital:

Business executives had been spending considerable amounts of time on the labor-intensive task of recording screenshots of customer conversations to keep records of in our CRM. Tuvis solved the issue and helped us increase the productivity of our commercial team by about 35%

Juliana Rosales
Director of Marketing and Advertising

With Tuvis’ solution, Naska Digital’s sales team can optimize their time and methods of serving clients. Naska Digital has been able to get to know its clients better, make more effective proposals, and generate business in a smarter, more streamlined way.

For Robinson Carillo, Naska Digital’s B2B Strategic Marketing Leader, Tuvis allows Naska to think about the next steps with its customers: “I recommend Tuvis because it is a very effective tool, which allows us to foster future client relationships and offer the near real-time personalized contact that our clients deserve”, he says.

Tuvis also allows Naska Digital teams to focus on the future of the company: “(With Tuvis) we can get to know our customers better, make better proposals and, therefore, generate better business”, says Juliana Rosales.

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