Privacy Policy

In order to ensure transparency and give you more control over your Personal Information (defined below), this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) governs how we, Overstack Ltd. (together, “Overstack” “we”, “our” or “us”) use, collect and store Personal Data (defined below) we collect or receive from or about you (“you”) such as in the following use cases:

 1.  When you browse or visit our website – (“Website”);
 2. When you make use of, or interact with, our Website
 3. When you contact us (e.g. customer support, need help, submit a request, chat)
 4. When you request a free trial
 5. When you make use of, or interact with, the tuvis Widget and/or Dashboard that we license (each individually, and collectively, the “Services”).
 6. When you download our Extension or App
 7. When you create an account and you login to the Extension or App
 8. When you are an agent and you make use of the App.
 9. When you attend a marketing event and provide us with your Personal Data
 10. When you exchange business cards with us
 11. When we acquire your Personal Data from third-party sources (such as lead-generation companies)
 12. When we use the Personal Data of our customers (e.g. contact details)
 13. When we use the Personal Data of our service providers, suppliers and developers (e.g. contact details)
 14. When you interact with us on our social media profiles (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

We greatly respect your privacy, which is why we make every effort to provide a platform that would live up to the highest of user privacy standards. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, so you can fully understand our practices in relation to personal data. “Personal Data” or “Personal Information” means any information that can be used, alone or together with other data, to uniquely identify any living human being. Please note that this is a master privacy policy and some of its provisions only apply to individuals in certain jurisdictions. For example, the legal basis in the table below is only relevant for GDPR-protected individuals. Important note: Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit in any way your statutory right, including your rights to a remedy or means of enforcement.