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Volkswagen Argentina Innovated by Creating a 100% Online Sales Process Using WhatsApp and Salesforce

Douglas Thurn, Digitalization & New Business Models at Volkswagen


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Volkswagen is a consumer-centric company, they always look after their customers and have always invested in innovation and had to digitize its way of contacting and attending to customers.

Their customer journey has faced a few changes in the past years. Not so long ago, a customer would walk into a dealer several times before he bought a car, and nowadays there are customers buying a VW car without actually seeing the vehicle in person.

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The challenge

Volkswagen Argentina started to look for a way to register all kinds of communication they have with their customers to follow up and feel the relationship with them.

They had one challenge, to gain a really good interface between WhatsApp, which is their major communication tool in Argentina, and Salesforce itself.

Our customers want to get in touch with our dealers through WhatsApp and expect an instant respond. This is when Tuvis came in, putting our customers and our dealers in touch, making that communication dynamic, and instant as possible.

Douglas Thurn
Digitalization & New Business Models at Volkswagen

The solution

Volkswagen Argentina’s customers wanted to get in touch with its dealers through WhatsApp and expected an instant response.

This is when VW Argentina meets Tuvis, putting their customers and dealers in touch, making that communication as dynamic, and instant as possible, making it more creative, less paperwork, and 100% digital which is what Volkswagen Argentina wanted.

VW got to discover that Tuvis is really an incredible tool because it has so much power with the integration between Salesforce and WhatsApp Web, gaining visibility, and the ability to make a full sales process online using Tuvis and Salesforce.

The key to the success with Tuvis is really that it’s easy to use, you don’t have to configure anything, any agent can use it.


Matias Garioni
Senior Project Manager

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