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The WhatsApp service has been a strategy increasingly used by companies in a wide variety of niches. With quick answers and the opportunity to bring prospects closer to the business, the application is one of the darlings of those who work with sales, whether they are e-commerce or “physical” sales, to generate more results or to ensure customer loyalty.

In this post, we present 11 key tips for you to improve your service and provide an excellent experience for your prospects and customers. Check out this strategy that has become popular at the speed of light and check out tips for growing your sales through WhatsApp!

1. Use WhatsApp Business instead of a personal account

The best way to start on the road to success with answering strategies for WhatsApp is to bet on a business account. The WhatsApp Business profile is free and offers many possibilities for those who work in this media. It is possible to display opening hours, a product or service catalog, other contact data, and to automate some messages.

If you don’t already have this differential, make the change right now:

  • go to your WhatsApp and go into settings;
  • choose the account option;
  • select the switch to business account option;
  • Improve the performance of your WhatsApp Business by connecting it to your company’s Facebook page.

2. Define an identity manual to improve service

What was already a trend has become a new consumer profile after the pandemic. The user expects a humanized service, to be treated in a coherent and personalized way, and therefore looks for brands that are aligned to his values.

The best option to convey this confidence to your audience is to have a service that is well aligned with the goals and values of the business. To do this, create a brand identity manual with expressions that should be used and avoided, as well as information that reinforces the identity of the business.

3. Provide a description with your office hours via WhatsApp

It is not always possible to provide immediate answers for the audience. However, this should not be a problem. Enter company hours and improve the customer experience. The process is simple, just go into your WhatsApp settings. Select company settings, choose the opening hours option, fill in the data and save at the end.

4. Offer personalized communication

Remember that your customer cannot be just a number for the company, but a human being who expects to be treated as such. Personalized marketing communications are a very positive strategy for attendance. Using the users’ name to talk to them, getting to know them thoroughly, and adapting the language are key to this.

5. Answer messages as quickly as possible

The agility to respond to messages improves the chances of making a sale. Even if the purchase is finalized through e-commerce, it is indisputable that WhatsApp increases sales. The relationship through this social network increases customer trust, as well as the proximity between vendors and customers. To show that your business is serious, try to answer messages as soon as possible, with clear and objective information.

6. Integrate WhatsApp Business API1 with other platforms

WhatsApp Business is an app for business accounts that enables media integration with tools and platforms. Thus, it is possible to access many benefits such as:

  • simultaneously connect several attendants to the same account, i.e. to the same WhatsApp number;
  • have access to reports, thus monitoring the channel’s performance within your company’s strategies.

1 – API – Application Programming Interface

7. Train your team to increase sales via WhatsApp

The training of the team is fundamental to guarantee an excellent service. The salesperson must, for example, know the company’s portfolio very well, understand the products and services offered, and of course be trained to answer the main questions of users. In addition, training also helps to strengthen the company culture, reinforcing the brand image. Training can empower employees, which makes service even more efficient.

8. Implement insights from training in your customer service and sales scripts

To improve even more the services, take advantage of the pearls that emerge during the trainings and capacitations. You will find out what your team’s biggest challenges are, and you will also learn what strategies of some employees are working.

Turn these two factors into solutions for the entire team by inserting these insights into service and sales scripts. It is also possible during the training itself to highlight the strategies that employees present, stimulating a culture of collaboration and collective growth.

9. Centralize your WhatsApp service information in a CRM2

Another way to boost your WhatsApp service is to use a CRM tool to centralize the information. In this way, it is easy to continue the service using other communication channels, and to follow up in an efficient way.

With CRM it is still possible to have an overview of your WhatsApp service, understanding which points need to be improved.

2 CRM – Customer Relationship Management

10. Promote your WhatsApp Business contact to your audience

A seemingly simple tip that makes all the difference: remember to publicize your WhatsApp business contact. It is currently possible to insert buttons on the website and in e-commerce that forward the customer directly to a WhatsApp conversation with your company. This helps driving audiences to your channel, as well as increasing the credibility of your pages.

11. Apply satisfaction surveys to optimize your strategies

Another key point in customer service is to know if your strategies are working and what needs to be improved. For this, you can use service satisfaction surveys.

It can be something simple, like a message at the end of the contact with the clients, in which they evaluate, on a scale from 0 to 10, their satisfaction with the service, tell if the problem was solved, and has space for additional information, if they want.

As you may have realized, the WhatsApp service is a simple solution that can be optimized with a few actions. Put together a checklist of tips that you can implement now in your company and make sales through WhatsApp, as well as increase customer loyalty. To further boost your results, count on a tool that integrates the sales sector, engaging customers and increasing sales.

Schedule a demonstration of our tool right now and see how tuvis helps your business and your sales representatives to strengthen the relationship with the audience and increase customer loyalty!

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How should companies deal with data leaks?

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After billion-dollar losses, financial firms increase investment in security

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