Trends for e-commerce 2023: 8 strategies to reach the top


Trends for e-commerce 2023: 8 strategies to reach the top

The last few years have been intense because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but what should we expect in e-commerce trends in 2023? Falling or continuing evolution?

Will the same successful strategies applied between 2020 and 2022 have similar effects? Certainly not.

With that in mind, we made this post focused on the main points of attention that the market signals for next year. Know the trends, set the strategies, and reach the top. 

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What are the main trends for e-commerce in 2023?

Let’s talk generally about what to expect for 2023. Is it possible to disregard the importance of customer experience in this digital scenario? Of course not! Then it will be the top of our list.

Note that all the other trends end up being consequences of CX, because there is no way to improve strategies without thinking about the user experience first. It should come as no surprise, for example, that focusing on a CRM can be a determining factor in the success of your strategies regardless of the circumstances ahead. See more below:


 1. Customer Experience

Easy, fast, available. Is this enough for users? What if the “worth it” aspect were added to this list? You agree that it would be perfect, wouldn’t you? But how to do this intelligently?

This search is exactly about what we want to demonstrate as a trend. Offer something better for the consumer, something that grabs attention, converts, and forms a brand ambassador. This is achieved with various technologies such as:


Communication through messaging apps and collection by CRM will once again be paramount to identify preferences more accurately and build an outstanding experience.


 2. Digital Sales

The evolution of online sales is clear, and despite the receding COVID-19 pandemic, there is an expectation that online sales will gradually become the preferred means of shopping for consumers.

Another interesting factor in this scenario is the increase in online shopping for pickup in physical stores. This practice has become a strategic tool to optimize costs with logistics and delivery of materials and to attract consumers to the physical points. For the consumer, it is a very interesting convenience, since it guarantees the purchase and speeds up the receipt of the product.


 3. Sustainability on the rise

Responsibility with the environment has become an asset for companies to win customers. The obvious negative impacts caused by industrialization, excessive product manufacturing, and harmful methods are creating a special sense of awareness in consumers.

In this context, there is a tendency to prefer the most responsible and environmentally conscious brands. The way to do this is to:

  •       use more sustainable materials;
  •       invest in ecological packaging;
  •       optimize delivery logistics to save resources;
  •       make the recycling of materials viable; among other alternatives.


4. Service customization

Another trend strongly connected with user experience. Consumers don’t want their personal data unprotected or breached, but they certainly want the brand to understand them, to know which products and services are best for them, and to understand how their satisfaction works.

Customization impacts positively in many ways. First, this practice is beneficial for loyalty, which is something crucial for a brand’s livelihood.

In addition, a more profitable sale is expected, i.e. the consumer will always be willing to pay more for a more personal and positive experience.

Engagement is also on the list of advantages. Engagement with the brand is paramount to increase the connection with the customer and take more advantage of sales opportunities.


 5. Subscription Club

Another strategic trend for 2023 onward. Compatible with the best sustainable practices and the circular economy, the subscription club generates advantages for both the consumer and the brand.

Retention is facilitated with this action and the company stimulates in a more natural way the relationship with the consumer, enabling campaigns, long-term relationships, and recurring revenue, for example.

6. Flexibility and multiplicity of payment methods

With so much technology behind the evolution brought about by digital transformation, it is not surprising that a company offers 5 or more payment methods. Today, we have identified a number of feasibilities that can be done safely such as:

  •       e-wallets;
  •       payment at sight or in installments via PIX1;
  •       payment at sight or in installments by bank-issued invoice (boleto);
  •       debit and installment credit;
  •       financing; among other possibilities.

1 Pix is the new system created by the Brazilian Central Bank to make instant payments.

Two crucial points are determinants of cart abandonment: delayed delivery and a very limited payment method. At this point, it is essential to flex to sell than to lose the opportunity.


7. Generation Alpha and Generation Z

One more factor of attention is the transition of generations. The grandchildren and children of yesterday are increasingly becoming the parents and future grandparents of today and tomorrow.

Logically, these new generations were born connected and adapted to using the smartphone and the Internet for almost everything in life, especially when it comes to shopping. In other words, it is more than important that brands know how to dialogue with the various consumer profiles, those who use the new shopping technologies on a daily basis and those who are adapting to the new shopping methods.


8. Social Commerce and Live Commerce

The presence on social networks is increasingly strong on the part of users. In this context, influencers are assuming a determining role, and technology is allowing increasingly simple and secure mechanisms for customers to buy directly through the network or even through lives.

 These trends are imminent and strategic for 2023 and brands need to be aware and proactive in implementing and updating practices.

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